The brand new OJ Da JuicemanCook Muzik mixtape” is finally out and you can find it online available for download. I know y’all have been waiting on this project for awhile from Mr. Aye! Okay! Aye! Aye! Juiceman has been grinding for awhile now and he definitely brings some southern trapstar heat on this badboy. He’s got production from Metro, Drumma Boy, Tay Beatz, Justice League, Lex Luger, David Banner, Nard and B, D Nicks, Jazzy Pha, and more. Additionally, the Juice Man has features from Project Pat, Trae, 8Ball, Alley Baby, Derek Foreal, and others.

He linked up with 32 Entertainment and DJ 5150 to make this all possible so shout out to them.  The cover artwork is classic, you know he’s in the traphouse flippin chickens, got the baking soda on deck, the culinary utensils hangning from the wall, and the scales ready to weigh the product.  If you know anything about OJ, you know that he always is rocking some dopeman chains as you can see by the cover.

OJ Da Juiceman – Cook Muzik Mixtape (Official)

While people await the release and promotion of “Ferrari Boyz,” this is a great 1017 Brick Squad release so you should definitely get to help keep you up to date with the label.  It seems like the movement is taking over more and more every day because all of the artists are on the grind.  If you already listened to this, be sure to get the homie Waka Flocka’s tape “DuFlocka Rant mixtape” before it’s too late!  Read up on the official track listing, production, and track times below to see what’s good.  More importantly, give this some heavy rotation because it’s got that straight heat from the south.  Juiceman did it again!

Official Track Listing:

  1. Cook Muzik (Intro) (0:21)
  2. Little Story [Prod. By Metro] (4:57)
  3. Cemetery Pockets [Prod. By Metro] (4:07)
  4. Grills Are Gold (Feat. Project Pat, Trae & 8Ball) [Prod. By Metro] (5:05)
  5. Voices [Prod. By Justice League] (4:33)
  6. Like Real G’s Should [Prod. By Metro] (3:50)
  7. Hustle & Grind (Feat. Alley Baby) [Prod. By Drumma Boy] (4:59)
  8. Came From Nothing (Feat. Derek Foreal) [Prod. By Tay Beatz] (3:44)
  9. H20 [Prod. By Justice League] (3:37)
  10. Friend Of Me [Prod. By Metro] (3:02)
  11. Packs [Prod. By Metro] (4:25)
  12. Sell My Dope [Prod. By Lex Luger] (3:14)
  13. Otis Williams Story [Prod. By Nard & B] (3:53)
  14. How U Doin Juice [Prod. By David Banner] (2:46)
  15. Money (Feat. Jazzy Pha) [Prod. By Jazzy Pha & D Nicks] (4:25)
  16. Speed Of Light (Feat. B.o.B) [Prod. By Nard & B] (3:48)
  17. Cook Muzik (Outro) (0:45)

Here’s a new joint called “Loyal” from Gucci Mane along with Waka Flocka and Richie Wess off of the Street Runnaz 58 mixtape that’s out now. La Flare is on the chorus and you already know it’s going to be hot because of the fact that he does his thang. Additionally, you already know what to expect from Flocka, another hard dope verse (FLEX FLEX FLEX!). Crazy ad-libs, and if you aren’t fully familiar with DJ Spinatik, this is on his collaboration project with the Street Runnaz.

In case you were wondering, this can be found on other various projects as well and was rumored to have leaked before this particular mixtape dropped. If you want to listen to the track, check up on the video below and see what you think. It’s a good song as usual and most people expect that when you get all three of these artists together, especially the Ferrari Boyz (Gucci and Flockaveli).

Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Richie Wess – Loyal (Official) [Listen]

So what do you think of this as a fan of Gucci? Most of the feedback was really supportive and a lot of people thought that this track was dope as hell. Although the mixtape “Writing on the Wall Pt. 2″ with DJ Holiday is on its way, this will give you something to vibe out to in the meantime. Plus, not to mention the fact that Waka Flocka just dropped his “DuFlocka Rant mixtape” and OJ Da Juiceman just dropped his “Cook Muzik mixtape” recently as well. The whole 1017 Brick Squad is taking over and it’s going to be a Holiday Season so get ready.

That’s for a whole new post though… Be sure to share this with all the Gucci fans you know so that they can get a taste of some more underground mixtape type music right here.  The tape features some other tracks that you might know and at the end of this track, you probably can hear the track “My Dip In Da Club” by Dena featuring one of Gucci’s homies Yo Gotti from Memphis.

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