Gucci Mane‘s ice cream tattoo consists of an ice cream cone with three scoops of ice cream and the word “Brrr” across the right side of his face with two red lightning bolts through the cone.  A lot of people speculate that him getting this tattoo was the result of him getting released after having went to a mental hospital from jail.  The internet has really hyped up the tat and people have been commenting like crazy on his latest move.  Obviously some people are going to support and others are going to hate on it or make fun of it, that’s what happens when you’re a celebrity.  The concept of “any publicity is good publicity” definitely applies here.  It seem as though this ice cream cone tattoo on his face even somewhat influenced the release of the track “Recently” that he did with 50 Cent.

Gucci Mane Ice Cream Tattoo

Anyways, so what was the REAL reason that Gucci Mane got this tattoo across his face?  Well, even though this decision took many people by surprise, others thought that this was making a statement to his lifestyle and how he lives.  When asked “What does the ice cream cone mean?” His representative and spokesperson Kali Bowyer said that the tat is, “a reminder to fans of how he chooses to live his life. Cool as ice. As in ‘I’m so icy, I’ll make ya say Brr.’”  In an interview with Rolling Stone, it was noted that the ice cream cone design was pretty much the same one used for one of Gucci Manes chains (one that he’s had for awhile now).

The tattoo definitely catches people’s attention and really stands out for a facial tattoo.  If you’ve been a Gucci Mane fan for awhile now, you know he likes to make sure that he stays inked and tatted up.  The picture of his tattoo has been posted around the internet on tons of blogs and that’s giving Gucci more exposure, it lets people know how big of a celebrity he really is.  Even the Disney homegurl Miley Cyrus is posing with Gucci Mane now on the cover of magazines.

I gotta say that when I first saw that tattoo, I thought that it was awesome because it fits Gucci’s style perfectly.  Mr. Perfect is just living his life and since he’s a celeb, he’s under the “Spotlight” and gets tons of attention; some good and some bad.  Some people may not support the tattoo, but it’s a personal decision, so respect his choice to look cooler, BRRR!  Definitely an instant classic.  Oh and check below for a picture of the tattoo artist working on him.

Tattoo artist working on Gucci


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