Gucci Mane Mixtapes

Here are some Gucci Mane mixtapes that you need to go out and cop if you don’t already have them. Gucci Mane’s music has been straight up dominating the mixtape scene and has propelled him to be among the elite artists on the mixtape grind. Every Gucci Mane music fan wants to know the tapes that they should check out, so below is an informative list that was put together featuring all of his best work. The mixtapes below feature some of Gucci Mane’s hottest music, and should definitely be added to your favorites if they aren’t already! The titles of each mixtape are printed in bold and a cover image is pictured below.

“Bricksquad Mafia” (2011)

Gucci Mane is unparalleled with his mixtape grind and is probably the most popular artist that can stay true to the streets when he wants and make a mainstream album when he wants.  This is a totally street mixtape that he did with DJ Holiday and 1017 Brick Squad called “Bricksquad Mafia.”  It features a ton of new Gucci Mane tracks including: “Gang Bangin,” “Transformers (feat. Alley Boy),” “Respect My Name (feat. Yung Joc),” and “Stepped In.”  The top tracks on this project are definitely: “Fly Away,” “Everything Bricksquad,” and “We Takin Bricks” feat. 1017 Brick Squad.  If you’re a true fan, you should have already had this tape for awhile.  Another classic tape from Gucci.

“Gucci 2 Time” (2011)

Gucci Mane worked hard on this tape with DJ Love Dinero and Waka Flocka Flame was the executive producer.  This “Gucci 2 Time” tape starts out with the title track “Gucci 2 Time” which is dope as hell.  Then it moves on to other flame mignon music including: “Hell Yea,” “Valentines Day,” “100 Bottles,” and this tape featured the worldwide premier of “What I Do” featuring Waka Flocka (which is arguably one of their hottest joint collabs ever).  You should also know that there is a music video for the track “Bought A Chicken” featuring Wooh Da Kid and OJ Da Juiceman – definitely something to check out if you’ve been slackin.  There are so many dope tracks on this project that you need to download the whole thing to get the full experience. Don’t slack!

In the video above, you can see DJ Love Dinero with Waka, Gucci, and Wooh Da Kid. BURR BURR BURR BURR!!!!

“Buy My Album” (2010)

Gucci Mane teams up with the 1017 Brick Squad DJ Holiday once again to drop another classic with “Buy My Album” the mixtape.  Part of the reason that he titled the tape “Buy My Album” is because he wants people to go out and support his albums by actually spending a little money on the music.  Just keep in mind that karma is going to come back and bite you in the ass for downloading illegally, so go out and spend a little money on the album “The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted.”

Gucci puts out so many free mixtapes for his fans that the least you could do is go out and support.  This tape “Buy My Album” is yet another example of hooking y’all up fat with free, dope material.  There are 8 hot tracks and freestyles on this joint including: “Big Gucci,” “Dirty Birds Freestyle,” “Give It To Ya” and “Twitter Freestyle.”

“Ferrari Music” (2010)

The tape “Ferrari Music” is considered a special Gangsta Grillz presentation with DJ Drama (as you can see by the cover) and for good reason.  He’s got some flame tracks on here including a remix to “Deuces,” as well as the songs “Don’t Believe That,” “Get Up Off Me” featuring Wooh Da Kid, and the track “Gross” which is a favorite among many fans.  There are obviously some Gangsta Grillz drops, but this tape is worth getting because it is an official tape from Gucci and has some exclusive material on here.  Whoever designed that cover artwork is swagged up to the max too.

“Gucci Classics” (2010)

Greg Street (a popular radio host and DJ) puts together a compilation mix of Gucci Mane’s most popular mixtape songs.  Overall, this tape turned out to be more like an album rather than a street mix.  Obviously if you don’t have the song “Vette Pass By” a.k.a. “Vette Ride Past” you need to get this tape ASAP because that track is classic.  Other tracks that you should already have that are on this tape include: “Photo Shoot,” “Bricks (Remix),” “Trap House,” “Kitchen,” “Still Cookin” and “Obnoxious.”  Get this tape if you are missing some of his rarer older tracks or lost some of his classics, otherwise it’s not really that necessary.

Above is a little Public Service Announcement from Gucci regarding the Greg Street tape and he speaks the truth. If you don’t know the tracks on this tape, you ain’t even really a fan. REAL TALK.

“Bird Flu 3″ (2010)

The DJ that goes by the alias “The Empire” unleashed the latest tape that he put together with Gucci Mane called “Bird Flu 3″ to continue the series (Bird Flu and Bird Flu 2 have been out for a long time now).  Anyways, there is some speculation as to whether this was a legitimate project or “official” and a lot of people remain skeptical.  Either way, there are a lot of tracks that already leaked awhile ago on the internet including “Lemonade (Remix)” featuring Nicki Minaj, Fabolous, and Trey Songz (which seems more like a compilation of freestyles instead of an official version).

Other notable tracks on this project include: “East Atlanta Memphis” featuring Project Pat, Juicy J, and Skinny Pimp, as well as “Party No Mo” featuring Ludacris, and “Competition” featuring Waka Flocka Flame, Frenchie, and Wooh Da Kid.  Since this tape isn’t really official, it’s not really that necessary to add to the collection.  However, if you are missing out on some of the dope remixes, you may want to check this out; not really any new material though.

“Jewelry Selection” (2010)

For this Gucci Mane mixtape, he teams up with DJ Holiday (Holiday Season) who already signed with 1017 Brick Squad records.  You already know that anytime these two link up, the product is going to be a classic.  Although you may have already had some of these tracks before, there are some bangers that you need to get exclusively from this tape.  Some of the hottest tracks include: “First Song Back,” “No Love,” “Electricity (Diamonds On My Fist),” and “Making Love to the Money.”  He makes a pretty dope collab with conscious hip hop artist Talib Kweli on the track “Poltergiest” produced by Zaytoven.  True fans know what’s up with this tape for sure.  It also has the track “Gucci Time” featuring Swizz Beatz, which was the lead single from his “The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted” album (which you should go out and buy).

“Mr. Zone 6″ (2010)

The “Mr. Zone 6″ mixtape is one of Gucci Mane’s hottest to drop in 2010.  He dropped this back in the summer of 2010 and everybody was goin H.A.M. listening to some of the new jams.  This is a Gangsta Grillz presentation with DJ Drama and when these two team up you already know it’s gon be dope as hell.  He’s got features from the likes of Bun B and Waka Flocka Flame.  Top tracks on this tape include: “It’s Goin Up,” “Normal,” “Georgia’s Most Wanted,” “You Know What It Is,” “Rooftop,” “Mr. Zone 6,” and definitely “Koolin.”  This is one tape you can’t be missin if you a real Gucci Mane fan.

“Burrrprint 2 HD”

During the time that Gucci Mane was locked up, he decided to drop some of his hottest tracks for his fans and supporters.  The project that he came up with was called “Burrrprint 2 HD” as a follow up to his previous “The Burrprint 3D: The Movie.”  He teamed up with DJ Holiday (an official member of 1017 Brick Squad) and they went H.A.M. on the streets with this release.  So Icey Entertainment is doing big things and this 2010 release proved to be a major success for Gucci Mane, despite the fact that it was just a mixtape.  The quality of music included is very high, and this tape is available for purchase at all digital retailers.

There are plenty of phenomenal guest features from artists like: Waka Flocka Flame, Frenchie, Rocko, Ludacris, Shawty LO, Yo Gotti, Nicki Minaj, OJ Da Juiceman, Trey Songz, Mylah, Wooh Da Kid, Rick Ross, and Schife.  Every song is vintage Gucci and the fans were really impressed with this release.  As an intro to this project, he addresses the people from Fulton County Jail and let’s the people know what to expect.  Standout songs include: “Boy From The Block,” “Parked Outside,” “Atlanta Zoo,” “Shining For No Apparent Reason,” and “Beat It Up.”  Be sure to check it out and go buy a copy to support Gucci Mane if you haven’t already!

Official Track Listing:

  1. “Gucci Speaks”
  2. “Intro Live From Fulton County JailHD”
  3. Atlanta Zoo” (feat. Ludacris)
  4. “Boy from the Block”
  5. “Gucci Speaks / Shawty Lo Speaks”
  6. “Parked Outside”
  7. Gucci On the Rise
  8. “Rick Ross Speaks/ DJ Khaled Speaks”
  9. “Do This Shit Again,” featuring Yo Gotti and Rick Ross
  10. Everybody Looking
  11. “Yo Gotti Speaks”
  12. “Coca Coca” featuring Rocko, OJ Da Juiceman, Waka Flocka, Shawty Lo, Yo Gotti and Nicki Minaj
  13. “Gucci Speaks”
  14. “Here We Go Again”
  15. “Lil’ Kim Speaks”
  16. Antisocial,” featuring Mylah
  17. “Beat It Up,” featuring Trey Songz
  18. “Gucci Speaks”
  19. 911 Emergencyni”
  20. “Alley Boy Speaks”
  21. “How I’m Living,” featuring Jim Jones
  22. “Shining For No Apparent Reason,” featuring Waka Flocka and Wooh Da Kid
  23. “I’m So Tired Of You”
  24. “Outro Live From Fulton County JailHD”


Gucci Mane teamed up with DJ Holiday a.k.a. Holiday Season to drop the mixtape entitled “BRRRUSSIA” as Part 1 of the Cold War series.  This tape has all original material and includes hot joints like “Good Money,” “Break Ya Self,” “Ha Ha Ha,” “Diamonds,” and “I Am Legend.”  He also has some dope guests on this tape on tracks like “Party Animal” (feat. Snoop Dogg) and “Euphoria” (feat. Waka Flocka Flame & Rocko).  Definitely an ill way to start out The Cold War series!

“Great BRRRitain”


This tape “The Cold War: Great BRRitain” was created with (the always hood rich) DJ Scream (Heavy In The Streets).  This is Part 2 of the Cold War series and is even colder than the first tape… BURR!  He starts goin ham on em with the track “I’m Expecting” (feat. Juvenile & DJ Scream).  Then follows up with the track “N.E.R.D.” and “The Other Day” (feat. Jim Jones) – both of which are bangers.  The entire tape is classic Gucci Mane, so make sure that you check up on it.



The final mixtape in The Cold War series was done with DJ Drama a.k.a. Mr. Thanksgiving.  There are tons of bangers on here, and the tape will leave you shivering because it’s SO COLD… BURR!  This is the perfect ending to the cold war with 12 extremely hot tracks.  The mixtape begins with “Street Cred” (feat. Drake & Killer Mike) and continues with “Diamonds” and “Follow Me” (feat. Drumma Boi).  He was also able to get both Drake and Sean Garrett on the track “In My Business.”  The entire tape is incredible – so make sure you get a copy!

“The Burrprint 3D: The Movie”

The Burrprint 3-D: The Movie

The latest official mixtape release from Gucci Mane is called “The Burrprint 3-D: The Movie.”  He teamed up with DJ Drama to drop a banger for the fans.  He has been so consistent since his release that the streets are hungry for his upcoming album.  The tape starts off with the track “Dope Boys” and is filled with nothing but bangers like “Frowney Face,” and “Real As They Get (feat. OJ Da Juiceman and Waka Flocka Flame)”.  Be sure to support the So Icey Movement! BURR! BURR!! BURR!!!

“The Movie: Part 2″

The Movie: Part 2

Gucci teamed up with DJ Drama once again to drop Gangsta Grillz: The Sequel a.k.a. The Movie: Part 2.  Gucci drops some exclusives (as usual) with this one.  The cover artwork is fresh as hell and tracks like “Burr,” “Awesome (feat. Snoop Dogg)” and “Overboard” really showcase Gucc Mane’s skill as an artist.  If you don’t already have this tape, make sure you find a copy.

“Writing On The Wall”

Gucci Mane Writing On The Wall Mixtape

This is Gucci Mane’s latest mixtape that he released after he was freed from jail.  Gucci hooked up with DJ Holiday of the Aphilliates for this banger-of-a tape that was released through So Icey Entertainment.  If you do not yet have a copy of this mixtape, be sure that you go out and cop it.  By listening to this mixtape, you quickly get the impression that Gucci is going to have some crazy releases planned for 2009.

Official Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Hurry
3. Going In
4. Game ft. OJ the Juiceman & Kourtney Money
5. First Day Out
6. Waisted ft. Plies
7. Mr Tonight
8. Gorgeous
9. Gucci Speaks
10. 17 Brick Squad ft. DJ Holiday & So Icy Boyz
11. Perfect Diamonds
12. Everything ft. Yung LA & Supa
13. Gucci Montana
14. She Gotta Friend – Gucci Mane & Juelz Santana
15. Deck
16. Freestyle
17. We Got Dat ft. Chubbie Baby & Titty Boi
18. Its My Party
19. Girls Kissing Girls ft. Nicki Minaj
20. Freestyle
21. Pussy Rehab ft. Titty Boi
22. Hood Up ft. Busta Rhymes & Shawty Lo
23. Blood In, Blood Out
24. Outro

“Bird Money”

Bird Money

This is another 2009 mixtape presented by Gucci Mane and his So Icey Entertainment crew.  Be sure to check up on this incredible piece of work if you haven’t already.  Although it has some old tracks, it is still dope… Songs like “Money Bags Shawty,” “Iced Out Bart,” “Fast Break,” and “My Plug,” are all standouts.

“Gucci Land”

Gucci Land

DJ E-V drops some Gucc tracks for the masses with the mixtape “Gucci Land.”  The cover art is straight piff and the entire tape is filled with bangers.  Although a lot of the tracks have been featured on previous mixtapes, DJ E-V does a nice job with the mixing and blending – not to mention the fact that he has dope drops.

“Gangsta Grillz:  The Movie”


This mixtape features Gucci Mane and DJ Don Cannon and is full of classic Gucci from start to finish.  It was released by the Aphilliates and So Icey Entertainment.  You know when Don Cannon does a tape that it’s going to be a classic; this is better than most rappers albums!

“Wilt Chamberlin (Vol. 1 – Vol. 6)”


Gucci Mane teams up with various DJ’s like DJ Rell and Trap-A-Holics to drop his crazy fresh Wilt Chamberlain mixtape series.  The mixtape artwork featured above is only for the original, but there are six official “Wilt Chamberlain” mixtapes out by Gucci.  See what’s good and peep them all!

“No Pad, No Pencil”


For this mixtape, Gucci teams up with Superstar J. Kwik to drop some heatrock for the masses.  This tape let’s you know that Gucci Mane doesn’t play around with his rhymes, he just spits all of his raps straight from the brain.  See what’s good with the So Icey mastermind on this one.

“Kitchen Talk”

Kitchen Talk

This tape is presented by DJ Rell and Gucc Mane and is another classic for the people.  Songs like “Peep The Swag (feat. Yung Joc),” “Guitar Freestyle,” “Iced Out,” “Outerspace (My Plug Is An Alien),” and “Bricks (Remix) (feat. OJ Da Juiceman, Fabolous, 8 Ball, MJG, and Shawty Lo) are all incredibly sick.  Make sure that this tape is part of your collection.

“Bird Flu: Part 2″

Bird Flu: Part 2

The Empire (not for the weak hearted) teamed up with Gucci Mane to drop Part 2 of the “Bird Flu” mixtape series.  It features some dope drops from The Empire as well as banging tracks like “I Like,” “I’m So Fresh,” “I’m The Sh*t,” “Photoshoot,” and “Bird Flu.”  Even though some of these joints are featured on other tapes, there are plenty of exclusives on this tape – get yourself a copy!

“Bird Flu (Southern Slang Edition)”


The Empire released some Gucci tracks for the “Bird Flu (Southern Slang Edition)” mixtape.  There is also a “Bird Flu (Vol. 2)” mixtape that is out that you need to get yourself up on if you ain’t heard it.  Nobody does it as hood as Gucci on the mixtape scene.

“Ice Attack (Vol. 1 & 2)”


On these tapes, Gucci teams up with the insanely-crazy Zaytoven for the production and Dutty Laundry the gang, you already know.  Take a listen to this tape that the amazing Zaytiggy put together for the masses to enjoy.  The “Ice Attack” series should not be absent from your collection.

“So Icey Boy”


Superstar J. Kwik hooks up with Gucci Mane to drop some real ill tunes for the people.  There is plenty of Zaytoven production and the chemistry between Gucc and Zay sounds unbelievabley crazy.  It features bangers like “My Plug Is An Alien” and a couple of exclusive Gucc Mane freestyles.

“Mr. Perfect”


This is a very sick tape that Gucc did with “Da South’s Top Dawg,” DJ Ace.  It features the likes of OJ Da Juiceman, Yo Gotti, Yung Ralph, Jacki-O, and Rocko.  The southern artist lineup on this tape is straight up illy, so get this into your Gucci Mane music rotation if it isn’t already!

“Gucci La Flare (Vol. 1 & 2)”


Gucci teams up with Evil Empire to drop some heatrock for y’all to check out.  Shawty Lo, Yung Joc, French Montana, Rick Ross, Nitti, Yung Ralph, Yung L.A., 4 Tre, Tha Joker, Freekey Zekey, Dem Hoodstarz, Nicki Minaj, and Gorilla Zoe make cameos.  This tape features “Yella Diamonds,” “Bricks,” “I’m Da Sh*t,” and a whole lot more ill joints.

“Trap Tacular”

Trap Tacular

Gucci teamed up with DJ Scream and Supastar J. Kwik to release another banger that’s been “Heavy In The Streets” for awhile now.  Trap-Tacular is filled from start to finish with crazy tracks like “Don’t Get Mad,” “16 Fever,” “Shirt Off,” “Would You Love Me (feat. Mannie Fresh),” and an unreleased version of “Swing My Door,” and “Underarm Kush.”

“EA Sportscenter”


DJ Holiday links up with Zaytoven and Gucci for another classic mixtape.  This mixtape features the track “Bricks” as well as an exclusive Gucci Mane freestyle and a version of the song “Make Da Trap Ay!”  This is easily one of Gucc Mane’s best mixtapes.

“Gucci Sosa”


Heavy in the Streets and DJ Scream drop this classic mixtape on y’all.  This mixtape is available for purchase on iTunes, so get your act together and support Gucci La Flare!  It features tracks like “Colors,” “Mo Money,” “Mr. Perfect” and “Love Me.”  The fans were really impressed with this one.



This tape was released by DJ Scream and Superstar J, and features the duo of Gucci Mane and Shawty LO droppin some classics for the people.  Tracks like “Got Em 4 The LO” and “My Plug” will make you want to put this tape on repeat.  It features 28 tracks of Gucci goodness, enough said.

“Chicken Talk (2 Disc Set)”

Chicken Talk

For most Gucci fans, this mixtape is a personal favorite.  He teamed up with DJ Burn One to drop some heat for the streets with this one.  There are some exclusive freestyles, production from Zaytiggy (Zaytoven) and some cameos from Yo Gotti, Eva Trill, Shawty Lo, and Suga Suga.  Tracks like “Alligators,” “Swing My Door,” “Plug Talk (Spanish Plug)” and “Rain Man” are classics.  This tape is a must-have for any true Gucci fan.

“Gucci Juice”


DJ 5150, OJ Da Juiceman, and Gucci La Flare team up for a crazy-stupid mixtape that you need to check out called “Gucci Juice.”  The tape features tracks like “Turn It Up,” “Very Loud,” and “Still Cookin” that demonstrate the chemistry that Gucci and OJ Da Juice have together.

“Stoopid Fruity Fresh”


OJ Da Juice and Gucci hook up once again for some straight piff that y’all need to get up on.  The artwork looks super fresh and the tracks are insane.  DJ Canon Banyon and DJ Dyce were doing it real big with this nice lineup of cuts.  Gucci and OJ are killin’ the game with their chemistry.