Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka teamed up for another heater called “I Don’t See You” featuring the artist Ice Burgandy (who you probably know from collaborations in the past). The producer Southside has been on the grind for a long time now so y’all need to recognize if you haven’t yet. He’s produced songs such as: “Mud Music” as well as “Jack Boyz,” as well of “She Be Puttin On” which is co-produced by Lex Luger (collectively, they are known as the 808 Mafia).  Anyways, although there is no official video for this track as of yet, a lot of fans are expecting one as it is probably going to be a single from the collaboration album entitled “Ferrari Boyz” which you should go buy on June 21!

On this track Waka has “that Ray Charles swag” and Gucci is “tatted like a biker, smokin like a Marley” and wants you to call him the “ice man.”  Just some classic bars over a hot beat and the chorus starts: “Like a nigga wit a blind fold, I don’t see you niggas, I do it wit my eyes closed, in the club with some shades on, I don’t see you niggas, you bustas got the game wrong, I don’t see you niggas.”  Straight classic lines and then after Gucci’s first verse, Waka takes over and spazzes out.

After the first two verses, Ice Burgandy comes in and really goes hard on this one.  If you don’t already have the track, you can take a listen to it below or go out and get the “Dub Flocka Rant mixtape” which has been out for awhile and was made to increase the buzz for the Rarri Boyz project that’s finna be dropping real soon.  In case you were wondering, it’s listed as track #12 on that project (for those that already have a copy).

Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Ice Burgandy – I Don’t See You (Official)

It’s collaborations like this that are letting people know that their music is on a whole nother level compared to most artists these days trying to do it big. East Atlanta is going absolutely wild or super “Stupid Wild” while waiting for their newest stuff.  So what you can do is click play above, go get the latest Waka tape, or just cool out until that album drops because it’s going to have some material on there that goes harder than anything you’ve heard all year, real talk.