The track “Jack Boyz” by Wooh Da Kid features OJ Da Juiceman and Gucci Mane. This song has been breaking through a lot lately and has had people ready for that Brick Squad Compilation Album. M-Visions was involved with the production of the video so huge shout out to them for all of their solid work with this one. Gucci Mane appears throughout most of the video singing along, but drops his verse at around 3:03 into the song in case you were wondering. It is recommended to just listen from start to finish though because Wooh Da Kid kills it, Juiceman kills it, and Gucci wraps up the track perfectly.

Even though some people aren’t up on Wooh Da Kid as much as some other artists, there’s no denying that he’s generating a lot of buzz lately.  He’s got a dope voice for rapping and has been on the grind for a long time now.  You have likely heard him on a bunch of mixtape tracks up until now and he’s still on the grind.  Don’t sleep on this one and the rest of Brick Squad because they got the energy, talent, production, and skills to take over the game.

If you look closely, you can see that the time frame for this one starts at 5:20 A.M. in Atlanta Georgia when these artists are on the grind.  The chorus of this banger sang by Wooh Da Kid goes as followed: “I’m fucked up, you fucked up, tellin niggas where ya stash you just blew ya luck, Jack Boyz on ya ass put ya chain on top, I ain’t talkin bout a name but my young boyz Buck.”  Wooh Da Kid continues with his verse first and it goes hard as hell followed by OJ’s.

Wooh Da Kid – Jack Boyz (feat. OJ Da Juiceman & Gucci Mane) [Official Video]

This track is an anthem for all of the hustlers that are out there getting it, grindin, and putting in work. All of the rappers keep it 100% and spit some real bars to represent Brick Squad.  This is definitely a solid track to check out if you aren’t familiar with Wooh Da Kid because you’ll definitely like the direction where he’s headed with his music.  Gucci raps about putting his diamonds on display, a Batman car, and being a man instead of a mouse.  Another solid release and fly music video from the So Icey team, keep it movin you already know what it do.  Oh and in case you didn’t already know from watching, Southside is responsible for the production on this track.


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